twisted hell

Everything begins with the world. The Paileon is set inside of a twisted form of hell. Get rid of everything you know about hell, things are different here. Those who are damned have a fighting chance now to turn this sick and brutal place into a land of great freedom, a land free of pain. 

There were nine circles of hell. Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. Each circle had its own layer, and as you go down you experience different flavors of hell. But not anymore. Some undetermined time ago a great power surged through all nine layers, twisting them, bringing them all together in one plane. As this was happening, each circle transformed into physical beings with their own thoughts and desires. The lands split apart, and each circle claimed its share of this new existence. However, there was a new being introduced into the mix. Paileon, the tenth circle was born. 

baby paileon 4.jpg

The other nine circle started creating their own set of followers, their chain of command. Each created massive monsters called Cathedral Terrors. Each Cathedral Terror has its own internal habitat. Inside each habitat is its own contained world, built for suffering and torture. When people die they get sent by random into one of these Cathedral Terrors. Then they are put through whatever is inside. Some habitats are simple, slow torture and nightmarish images, others are more advanced, built to destroy all hope and meaning.


Though the original nine circles took smaller forms, Paileon decided to assume the form of its own cathedral terror. It did not have the ability to create others, but it did have the ability to expand. And inside of Paileon was also its own unique habitat. But this habitat is much different from all the others. Paileon's insides are not built for torture, not for false hope, but for freedom and peace. Paileon has a city inside, one where no one has to work, no one needs to struggle for money or food. Everything is provided. Events are planned for entertainment. People can eat and sleep as much as they want. And best of all, they get a clean slate. Their memories are completely wiped so that they can live new life with zero baggage. All of this is managed by the Church. As long as everyone follows the rules of the Church, then they can live as happy citizens in Paileon City. 

The Paileon is at war with all of the other nine Circles and their Cathedral Terrors. It hunts them, and they hunt it. The Paileon shouldn't even stand a chance. It is only one, against countless others. Alone Paileon would have been crushed long ago. But the secret to victory lies within the church, and within the other Cathedral Terrors. 

Inside the other Cathedral Terrors are monsters. There are basic enemy creatures known as Nightmares, created from the horrors of man, and there are their captains known as Pillars, crafted by hell itself. 

Each Cathedral Terror will have a set number of Pillars inside of them. Each Pillar acts similar to a major organ for the Cathedral Terror. If every Pillar is taken down, the Cathedral Terror is significantly weakened, and that is when the Paileon can make its strike. 

Enter in the Church. The Paileon cannot infiltrate the insides of other Cathedral Terrors.  The Church not only functions as the governmental force, but acts as the military force as well. This force is built on able and willing soldiers, who are sent by the Paileon into other Terrors, while the Paileon hides and waits for all of the Pillars to be taken out.  

Once every pillar is defeated, the soldiers all evacuate , and the Paileon makes its attack. A weakened Cathedral Terror can do very little against its might. Though it doesn't simply defeat them, it absorbs them. With each absorption the Paileon can expand its city, gain more residents, and become more powerful to take on deadlier and deadlier Cathedral Terrors. It will absorb them all. Even the Terror Lords; Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud, and Treachery. 

Once all are absorbed, The Paileon will bloom and hell will be no more. It will be a haven for all souls that are damned. The battle may be endless, but the Paileon will not fail, as long as human will remains.   

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