Commission of a custom Character Design based off a DnD character. 

Spawnling, a quick concept art sketch.

Fast Process Concept Art. Unnamed Monster. 

Poster Design created for the Coterie Theater.

Concept Art for Descension Characters. Fast Process.

Commission of a custom DnD character. 

Several concept art characters to use for Descension. Fast Process.

Poster Design created for the Coterie Theater.

The largest Piece I've worked on digitally. full four foot wide piece. Paileon City, Haven for the damned. Find out more HERE

Mood Painting originally for a comic cover.

Storyboard sketch used for an early iteration of Paileon.

Concept Poster created for the movie Maze Runner.

Swine, a cathedral terror in the Paileon Universe.

Concept art of hand that is gathering power. 

A motion graphic that I developed for myself. Used Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. I also recorded everything using Audition and my home studio.