Lobel's journey

It begins when a man dies.

Lobel suffers a fatal wound to his chest, granting him an early death. During his death he falls violently downward and he sees horrible, terrifying creatures until he abruptly lands onto a mildly soft surface. He opens his eyes, grips his chest, and listens to his heartbeat,. Despite his still fresh and bloody wound his beats are still strong and heavy. He calms down and looks at a peaceful sky above him, a gently breeze flowing through the tall grass. He begins to understand that he is awake.  

Though the peace

is shattered when a man yells to Lobel, telling him to get up on his feet. Lobel narrowly avoids getting crushed by a deadly creature known as a Nightmare. The man approaches Lobel, striking the creature with so much force it explodes. The land, the sky, everything around him shifts and transforms, revealing that he was standing amidst a battleground, where it seemed the Nightmares were winning against fleeing humans. The man hands Lobel a sword, recruits him as a soldier, and all hell literally breaks loose. 

Throughout this battle

Lobel learns that he can fight the nightmares. He fights onward until he is confronted by a captain-class creature known as a Pillar. Lobel is far too weak to face this horrible creature, but through it he learns that he actually has a chance to obtain something precious. Or rather someone precious. 

His brother Eli

died long before Lobel did. Lobel always felt like he had failed his brother, letting him die far too young. He never thought that he would see him again, until the Pillar plays with the idea that Eli was located somewhere inside this twisted form of hell. Though they are forced to retreat, Lobel truly believes that he can find his brother again, and this time he would do things right. 

The path ahead is impossibly 

difficult. But Lobel will do whatever it takes. After the battle is over, he goes and officially becomes a soldier for a powerful force known as Paileon. He learns that he is not alone. He builds allies, friends, and even a greater good to fight for. Because there is a new circle of hell who fights on the side of man, fights against everything else in hell. Paileon stands against the horrors of hell, and alongside it, Lobel feels that he will find his brother, and redeem his role as a human being. 

But not all is as it seems inside

the Paileon. There is a lot of mystery that lies inside the city, the haven for the damned. The Church controls everything; the soldiers, how the city expands, who is allowed in, who is not. Lobel is not yet allowed in the city, as the leader, the priest, does not yet trust Lobel. But Lobel does not trust the priest either.  


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